Orange-Red Ball ~ Original Acrylic Abstract Meditation Painting On Canvas

Item Description

“At the root of the chaos of life is a place of calm connecting all things, it is the orange/red ball.”


I spent many years training as a Chios Healer and Master Teacher, which is a relatively new system of energy healing. One of the basic meditational symbols for finding peace and connection to the Universe through this system is that of the orange-red ball. It has become a symbol of calm for me, like a shield to the craziness going on all around me. Do you feel what it is to be the orange-red ball?



Orange-Red Ball is a small original acrylic painting on canvas measuring 5 x 7 x 0.7 inches with unpainted white edges and would be ideal stood on or hung in an altar, shrine or in a meditational space. It features a smooth, flat orange-red ball surrounded by heavy textured blue acrylic, black spirals and tendrils and silver highlights to the background. It has been signed on both the front and back.


Please note that the actual colours may vary slightly from those on your screen. I work hard to get as true to life pictures of my art as possible but nothing is quite the same as viewing a piece in person.


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