About Me

Hello and welcome. My name is Michel, I am an intuitive artist and trained Chios Master Teacher based in Kent, England.

My work comes from my love to experiment artistically with colour, form, shape, texture and composition to create paintings and card designs that are often abstract and influenced by nature and energy.

If you are interested in my creative processes, thoughts, works in progress and inspirations then please take a look at my blog on Wordpress which can be found here.

I list numerous craft items, pre-made cards with pre-designed greetings and miniature works of art on my eBay account, please take a look and shop in confidence through there if you would prefer. I'm also happy to sell custom orders through eBay if you would prefer, contact me ad let me know to arrange this.

In addition to my art I am a writer and am currently working on my first novel which I hope to publish once it is complete. You can read more about my writing projects here as well as in updates on my blog.

Thank you so much for your time and I wish you all the best on your own journey, wherever that may take you.